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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LAMB AND LION different from other interior design services?

What makes LAMB AND LION different from other interior design services? LAMB AND LION has transcended from a designer to a ‘Stylist.’ By using its tried and true formula, you will be left with a space that tells your story without breaking the bank. LAMB AND LION will take your vision to a whole new level of creativity. 

How does the design process work?

THE EDIT. The stylist spends approximately one hour on-site. Within the hour, the stylist works with you to properly place existing furniture and décor. Over the next three days, the stylist will spend up to five hours curating an online shopping list that fits your budget and style perfectly! Next, you purchase the item(s), assemble and place pieces using the impeccable layout provided by your stylist. Viola—It’s that simple.

The stylist works closely with you from start to finish. THE SIGNATURE WHITE package will require three on-site visits throughout the process. You and the stylist will spend a day shopping for the perfect furniture and décor items to create your vision. Additionally, online selections will be sent to you to complete the design of your dreams within your budget!

Can LAMB AND LION help with commercial spaces?

Yes, we can definitely help with commercial projects. Please Schedule an Appointment for a custom quote. Prices vary dependent per job.

If I buy a project now, do I need to use it right away so it doesn’t expire?

You can definitely purchase a package now and wait to get your design on, as your project does not expire. Once you are ready to start your project, just email so you can launch your project and begin.

We're remodeling our home. Can LAMB AND LION help?

Of course! If you have drywall up, we are happy to complete a full room design for you. 

If you haven’t started building yet or only have the rough framework up, we can help you choose the hard finishings for the space (e.g. paint, hardware, etc.), but we’ll need to wait until the drywall is up to complete a full design. For these projects, we’ll require detailed floor plans from your contractor before we can get started and any photos you have of the current space. 

For any finishing materials, we'll require that you have a professional (i.e. a contractor) measure your space and confirm the quantity needed for proper dimensions/coverage of any specified material.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We get that life happens however we hope it’s in a timely fashion. Each booking will require a 20% deposit, if cancelled or rescheduled within one week of scheduled appointment, you will not lose your deposit.

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