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The Signature White

$1,000 PER ROOM


THE SIGNATURE WHITE package unleashes our creativity to provide you with your dream room.  


How it Works


The stylist works closely with you from start to finish. THE SIGNATURE WHITE package will require three on-site visits throughout the process. You and the stylist will spend a day shopping for the perfect furniture and décor items to create your vision. Additionally, online selections will be sent to you to complete the design of your dreams within your budget!


Additional Add Ons


Shopping: Included


Color Swatches: Included


Selection of Hard Finishings (Flooring, lighting, counter tops, cabinets, etc.): Included


Handyman Services: Priced Separately 

The Edit

$350 PER ROOM 

$800 for 3-rooms


* $250 savings on the most popular package


THE EDIT will transform your space to flow, look and feel aesthetically beautiful. THE EDIT is an affordable option that will save you money, by properly placing existing furniture and décor, while eliminating items that do not portray your vision. Lamb and Lion will leave you with a shopping list of up to three new items that personally fit your style and budget.


How it Works


The stylist spends approximately one hour on-site per room. During that time, the stylist works with you to properly place existing furniture and décor. Over the next three days, the designer will spend up to five hours curating an online shopping list that fits your budget and style perfectly! Next, you purchase the item(s), assemble and place pieces using the impeccable layout provided by your designer. Viola—It’s that simple. 


Additional Add Ons


Shopping: $200 flat rate, shop local with the designer up to three hours and/or three stores


Color Swatches: $100 per color selection


Selection of Hard Finishings (Flooring, lighting, counter tops, cabinets, etc.): Priced by determination


Handyman recommendations for assembly of items are available. 

Packages & Prices

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